History of Oldboi Skull Atomizer

Oldboi’s Skull atomizer is the very first atomizer designed & offered by Oldboi brand. Back in 2011, a decision was made at eCignatures, Inc. to target local dispensaries in Colorado. And we felt that offering a durable, easy to use glass atomizer would open our doors to dispensaries that were opening up all over Colorado.

Not really happy with selection of glass atomizers available at the time, we decided to modify a peculiar looking glass atomizer.

We couldn’t quite tell whether it looked like a face of a monkey or a human but we got our idea to create a skull atomizer from this prototype glass. While it had a unique glass design, this atomizer was not very practical due to its shape & size.

Enlarging the glass and applying the skull design proved much more difficult than we had expected and our prototype did not become available until early 2012.

By that time, our design had been copied by other Shenzhen glass factories and our skull atomizer began appearing all over internet.

Nevertheless, we took pride in what we have developed ourselves and continued to make minor changes to skull atomizer over the years.

Here is a picture of Wiz Khalifa vaping out of Oldboi skull atomizer.

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