Best selling atomizer of all time

Oldboi’s base atomizer began selling back in 2012. At that time, Oldboi was still transitioning from an e-cig brand to a full-fledged hemp atomizer brand. Along with Oldboi’s signature skull atomizer, base atomizer was Oldboi’s very first offering of hemp related products.

We did not design the base atomizer glass ourselves. The change we made was the mouthpiece. At that time, mouthpieces available for these type of glass atomizers came in only one color (black) & the shape of the mouthpiece was less than ideal as you can see below.

We initially wanted to change the black color to green but quickly realized we can offer mouthpieces in many different colors. And when our manufacturer in Shenzhen began producing glasses in different colors, we began to match or color coordinate our atomizers.

In about an year, base atomizer became our number one seller and it has never looked back. Six years later, over 1 million base atomizers have been sold. We are amazed that few simple changes we made resulted in such a huge success for Oldboi brand.

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Various colors were introduced at different times

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