Origin of Oldboi

Oldboi began as an e-cig brand in Maryland back in 2007. A pen-type e-cig was marketed online under Oldboi brand and it offered only one flavor of e-liquids.

While Oldboi e-cig enjoyed limited success in e-cig market as the market itself was growing tremendously, lack of distribution and marketing experience held the brand back.

In 2011, Oldboi was re-branded with a new identity and new purpose. On the heels of success Cignature brand was enjoying in Colorado and Kansas, eCignatures, Inc. decided to deploy Oldboi brand and target local dispensaries coming into existence in Colorado.

Not content with logo design rendering done by an outside agency, Matthew Park began working on it himself.

The original skull logo created by Matthew Park in 2011 was revised slightly in 2015 and again in 2017 but has mostly remained the same.

Today, Oldboi is synonymous with hemp vaporizer in Colorado and remains as the most popular hemp brand.

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